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Finland Hosts 2nd Transnational Meeting (13-14 May)

Tampere (Fi), what a great place for the project partners to come together. It was a busy couple of days reflecting on the collective desk research for project Output 1, the Targeted Analysis Report. Reviewing the enterprise skills landscape in Finland was time well spent and a 'deep dive' into the Entrecomp competencies framework , led by the Dutch Alliance allowed the partners to consider how we might frame future work against these and what the skills of an Enterprising teacher need to be.

Partners reported a lot of interest in the aim of the project and everyone is looking forward to the first meeting of the Project Advisory Group (PAG), which will take place in June. This group is an additional expert resource to help drive the strategic direction of the project.

Ritva Haveri and Marja-Leena Pajusarri of TREDU college, had thought of everything for the meeting and even managed to squeeze in some time for the group to visit Varala sauna for dinner and a dip.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work and a memorable meeting in Finland.

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